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Ram Tulsi

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Product Description : This is a specimen photograph. You will be provided with a well grown & healthy plant of the same species. Along with will be a pamphlet describing the general care & maintenance of the plant. The pot size is 15 cm dia & with a bottom plate.

Rs. 120.00

Ram Tulsi

Vana tulsi, also called wild forest holy basil or wild forest tulsi, is a plant which is usually considered a type or variety of tulsi or holy basil, although it actually comes from a different species. Whereas the typical tulsi comes from the Ocimum tenuiflorum plant, also called Ocimum sanctum, Vana tulsi comes from the species Ocimum gratissimum, which is also called African basil.


Nuzahat Sayyed
Ordered this plant. Was timely delivered and in good condition.