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Product Description : A well developed plant will be provided in about 30 cm dia planter. Each planter contains only one variety of lotus & their combinations in a single planter is not possible. Always maintain the water level above the mud present in the planter (about 2-3 cm).

Rs. 450.00


Lotus is an aquatic plant very sacred & auspecios in India. Its flowers are known for bright colours & fragrance. Mainly they are seen in ponds & lakes & have vanished from the concrete jungles of cities. But now they are available as hybrid lotus with small leaves & flowers which can be cultivated in a small planter. The flowers are about 10 cm in dia & available in various enchanting colours.It needs plenty of sunlight & water. So a window, balcony or terrace exposed to sunlight is a suitable place. A wellgrown plant may bloom twice a year. If you begin with a bulb, it will take much time to grow & bloom. 


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